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Free Theme

Free Theme

In this post, probably my last one, I chose my theme as “Free Theme”. On the one hand I will talk about my consideration about “why I choose this theme” on the other hand it relationship with music.

“We can think about however we want, we can write about whatever we want, we just need some imagination, inspiration and concentration.” It’s a thought’s way of many people inclusively mine. Therefore free theme is a form to show other what himself is thinking or was thinking in that moment, so that it can show us their knowledge and mentality.

I, as free theme’s chooser, clearly had no idea about what I want to write, furthermore I hadn't idea about what I could talk, and thus this theme is certainly appropriate to me. Firstly because it’s a difficult theme, we haven’t many ideas about it, secondly it’s a theme that we could talk about in this post, and lastly I think that it’s perfectly proper to me, because it show you about my thought’s form that is poor in imagination and I’m a challenger, I like challenge a hard theme like this while I could choose a theme more easy.

Music is like free theme, started in blank, and when you start to write you are starting to win knowledge and you will able to write more interesting lyrics, you “just need imagination, inspiration and concentration”.

In this way I can conclude my post with last commentary which is the hardness of a free theme, because you are searching in the void ideas, like beginning of music’s creation, and the void is the beginning of everybody. As last post, it's able to be a paradox between the beginner and end.

Thank you for your watch, see you next time.

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Last but not the least.

Hi folks.

This will be my last post in this blog. I could start enumerating several clichés like how much fun I had posting in this blog and how it made my life shine everyday. But I won't. This will be my conclusion.
12 years preparing this moment. From 1st to 12th grade we have been preparing our ingress in the university. It's closer than ever. But at the same time it looks like we will have to wait another 12 years. It's like our adulthood really starts now.

Believe it or not it freaks me out! Our parents have been telling us, since I remember, that we have responsabilities and duties and we always ignored them. We are 18 years old now. That middle-term between teenagers and adults. It looks like he have been carrying a backpack full of paper and now, came from nowhere, someone fills our backpack with rocks that weigh way more than I can carry. But that is growing up, that is what makes us responsible adults. I mean, I really want to grow up and to have my house, my family, my job, my money, make chips my main meal, ban fish from my alimentation, buy my own things. But at the same time I don't want to have to pay my taxes, my house, my car, my food, I don't want to be responsible for my choices especially if they are the wrong ones. I think that this time of our lives is one hell of a mess. But that's life, we have to face it and, I mean, if others could do it, why couldn't I?

My biggest wishes are that you can follow your dreams, do something that will be remembered, make your own choices and ,especially, deal with whatever they bring to you.

Be right back.

Yesterday's the past, tomorrow's the future, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present.
Bil Keane


Whaam! is a 1963 painting by Roy Lichtenstein.

The painting is large in scale, measuring 4.0 x 1.7m and we can easily see dark tones combined with vivid colors. It is considered one of Lichtenstein’s war paintings by conveying "brilliant color and narrative situation". 

In fact, this painting is an adaptation from a comic-book panel from a 1962 issue of DC Comics' All-American Men of War.

Lichtenstein altered the source so that the exploding plane was more prominent than in the original relative to the dominant conquering plane.

Even the title of this painting is in true connection with the painting by conveying the idea that the crash of both planes would emit the sound Whaam! .

Original comic book panel
By dealing with a comic book panel, this painting easily illustrates Pop Art’s ideals, that everything, even things that could be considered useless, could, in fact, become art. Pop Art was in the 60’s a movement that broke free from all the previous ideals of art and that, in one way or another, influenced the way art is appreciated nowadays.

Pop "Meme" Art

   Hello followers, namely Mrs. Helena Rodeiro. Unfortunately this might be my last post and for that I will show you my full potential as an artist critic!

   Did you ever looked at Nyan Cat and think, “Man, this would make for an awesome painting hanging on my wall.” Some people have, and now thanks to California-based Gallery 1988, internet memes are getting the pop art treatment.

   The art gallery features work from various artists who are selling paintings and framed prints all inspired by popular internet memes. Everything from “First World Problems” (above) to “Hipster Ariel,” a take on trendy Disney princesses, have gotten an artistic pop-art makeover, turning memes into collector’s items. Check out a few of the art pieces available for sale on their website.

   "First World Problems", made by Aled Lewis. With Lichtenstein style crying woman inspired by the ‘First World Problems‘ meme (explained here). 420 x 594 mm (16.5 x 23.4 in) 4 colour screen print on Sirio 350gsm. It portraits a blond women crying with a speech balloon saying: "MY SANDWICH IS TOO FULL --AND NOW IT'S HARD TO EAT". The colors (yellow, red, blue) are Bold N' Vivid. The Ben-Day dots (the hallmark of Lichtenstein) are obvious.

   This example, once again, reflect the quick recognition art that pop artists tried to convey. It can be drawn a clear line between the old "fine art" with the "commercial art". Compared to the "fine art", this is easy to do, you just need ideas, accessible to everyone, heedlessly to his/hers social situation. For the first time, art it's not UNIQUE. For example, at the moment you can buy two "First World Problems" paintings, meaning, that there isn't only one example of this art, there are two available to be bought, two people can have the same art in the pleasure of their homes. The concept of art, forever, has been revolutionized. 

terça-feira, 4 de junho de 2013


   In the back in the days, there weren't many ways to a musician become famous. You had: radio; tapes; later, television; but the ultimate and latest means of "popularity" is the INTERNET, and by that, YOUTUBE.With that have your "tube" (channel) where you can publish/share almost everything you desire. By that , a new world of the music and television industry has been born.
   Nowadays, YouTube is a very serious company with a lot of money invested on. There are several well made and devoted on, series made purposely to the YouTube viewers. Series as good and better than those seen on the television.

   The music industry has been also changed, because, beside having good music, you need a complementary videoclip. Without that, isn't likely to have any recognition. My favorite artists known in and by YouTube are: Epic Rap Battles of History, Gwatsky and Ronald Jenkees.


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Pop Art

Pop Art

Still Life #20, in 1962, by Tom Wesselmann(February 23, 1931, Cincinnati – December 17, 2004).
He was an American artist associated with the Pop art movement who worked in painting, collage and sculpture.
The method is very similar to Richard Hamilton.
This image is of a drawing, painting, print, or other two-dimensional work of art, and the copyright for it is most likely owned by either the artist who produced the image, the person who commissioned the work, or the heirs thereof. It is believed that the use of low-resolution images of works of art.

To Tom Wesselmann, to history of paiting and to pop art:
-This is a historically significant work that could not be conveyed in words.
-Inclusion is for information, education and analysis only.
-Its inclusion in the article(s) adds significantly to the article(s) because it shows the subject, or the work of the subject, of the article(s).

To 20th century Western painting
-The image is low resolution and unsuitable for commercial purposes.
-A subject of the article.
-Its use enhances the reader's understanding of the topic.
-No free-use equivalent is available or can be made.

The idea is to understand this image subjectively, without any objectivity.
These are characteristics of pop art in 60’s, mass-produced, celebration of daily object, bright colors, collage, among others.

sábado, 18 de maio de 2013

“Rebel without a cause” Sheng’s Version

“Rebel without a cause” Sheng’s Version

In the Observatory Jim and John (Plato) solved their problem, but Jim Stark knows that Plato as shot many people, and has the notion that it wouldn’t end good for himself to, so he made a plan to escape with him and Judy.
Jim said “The first part of the plan is to use my jacket with a heavier thing, which is similar to a person, with the function of bait. It can catch their attention and they will point all illumination to it, so we could have space to escape, but we must be quick! After this we could be free! We just need some money and we can go to other city or even other country!” Plato and Judy in spite of being still scared they simultaneously said “Okay!” because they liked Jim and wanted to stay with him.
As they expected, when Jim threw the jacket outside the window everyone pointed the flashlights to it and in that moment three teenagers escaped quietly without being noticed.
Judy understood that after this situation nobody could come back home “Now we have no home and we need money to survive. Ah! We can take this opportunity to assault people in the street or even people on their home. Why not now? As we know the police are all over there. This is our chance. Plato! We can use your gun.”


In this night they easily obtained money and started their travel. But before that Jim said “We need to be conscious that we will never come back again, so I will give you 20 minutes to go home, write something to your parents and prepare yourself! Hence 20 minutes we gather here with my car.” With no more talk everybody went home.


Of course they all have left a farewell message to their parents. The 20 minutes quickly passed. Jim came back to the same place and Plato and Judy were already waiting for him. They will finally start their travel. As money may not be enough, along their path they will rob and attack rich people to get some money.

(To be continued…)